Buy Bracelet "Edelweiß"
Buy Bracelet "Edelweiß"Buy Bracelet "Edelweiß"Buy Bracelet "Edelweiß"Buy Bracelet "Edelweiß"Buy Bracelet "Edelweiß"

Bracelet "Edelweiß"

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Bracelet "Edelweiß"

A beautiful bracelet with the unofficial national flower of Bavaria as a sperkling pendant: The "Edelweiss" bracelet with fire polished pearls.

The pearls are assembled on a flexible nylon-band. The bracelet has a diameter of ca. 6 cm (2.36 inches).

All parts of the bracelet and the pendant are made in Europe and carefully hand-crafted, making every one of these bracelets unique.

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