Official Oktoberfest Beer Stein 2023

The official Oktoberfest beer stein with the Wiesn motif 2023. A particularly valuable example of genuine, traditional craftsmanship.


(approx US$31.70)

Weight: 1.15 kg
Height: 210 mm
Quality: Stoneware
Diameter: 105 mm
Filling Capacity: 1 Liter
Details: Limited Edition

Every year a new a very special masterpiece and a real collector's item: The official Oktoberfest Maßkrug, printed with the Wiesn motif 2023, continues the Wiesn tradition, alive since 1978, in style. 

The stein is manufactured in elaborate precision work by the traditional company Rastal, a long-standing license partner of the Munich Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest stein is made of genuine salt-glazed stoneware and is a valuable example of traditional craftsmanship.

The official Oktoberfest stein is strictly limited. Due to the traditional method of production, steins may have slight individual variations.

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