Official Oktoberfest Beer Stein 2024 with Pewter Lid

Here's to a new one! Our official Oktoberfest beer mug with pewter lid and Oktoberfest motif 2024. A particularly valuable example of genuine, traditional craftsmanship.


(approx US$53.56)

This product will be released on 1 September 2024

Weight: 1.5 kg
Height: 210 mm
Quality: Stoneware
Diameter: 105 mm
Filling Capacity: 1 Liter
Details: Limited Edition
Available from September 2024

Pre-order now: Our official Oktoberfest beer stein with pewter lid and printed with our new Wiesn motif. A particularly valuable example of genuine, traditional craftsmanship that continues the lively Wiesn tradition of collector's mugs in style.

Secure your limited edition Wiesn Original now. Our new collector's steins will be delivered from September 2024. The original Oktoberfest beer stein is elaborately crafted by the traditional company Rastal, a long-standing license partner of the Munich Oktoberfest. 

The Oktoberfest stein is made of salt-glazed stoneware and is full of traditional craftsmanship. Our genuine Oktoberfest stein made of stone can be recognized by its hand-crafted pewter lid with decorations of famous Oktoberfest personalities. This year's portrait is of the popular folk singer Bally Prell (1922-1982), the "Beauty Queen of Schneizlreuth".

Our Oktoberfest collector's steins are strictly limited. Due to the traditional production method, steins may show slight individual variations. The product illustration shown here is an example; the original Oktoberfest motif appears on the front of the stein.

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