Oktoberfest Pin Wiesn Motifs 1952 - 2022

A real small art collection and pure Wiesn nostalgia: our Oktoberfest poster motifs from 1952 to 2022.


(approx US$20.77)

Wiesn Year Motif
Width: 27 mm
Height: 38 mm
Quality: Pewter, Nickel free
Details: Button fastener
Color: Old Silver
Shipping in Gaudiknopf Jewelry Box

Our Oktoberfest motifs are a living Wiesn tradition and a collection of small artworks. As diverse as the people who visit our folk festival year after year. This legendary Gaudiknopf pin series with the original Wiesn motifs since 1952 writes contemporary history, awakens personal memories and creates real collectibles. 

Our Oktoberfest motif pins are cast in the traditional pewter centrifugal casting process, soldered by hand and covered with old silver. The production is done regionally, the metals used in the process are made in food quality and are completely safe to wear. All our Gaudi buttons are shipped in a fancy jewelry box.

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