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Admission ticket "Toboggan"

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  • Redeemable for the Wiesn 2021
  • Can you make it to the top?
  • Conveyor belt length: 32 m
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The name " Toboggan " has its origins from the language of the Canadian Algonkin Indians and... more

Das solltest du wissen über "Admission ticket "Toboggan""

  • Redeemable for the Wiesn 2021
  • Can you make it to the top?
  • Conveyor belt length: 32 m
  • slide length: 40m / ash wood
  • On the Wiesn since 1933
  • Wiesn traditional business

The name "Toboggan" has its origins from the language of the Canadian Algonkin Indians and means a light snow sledge.

The toboggan is a tower slide: the passenger is transported by a high-speed conveyor- belt up about six meters height. From there you climb some stairs to the top of the tower.

At the Oktoberfest in 1908, three of these labor-intensive toboggans were ready for the pleasure of the spectators as well as the exitement for the skidders: the customer's tower access by a conveyor belt and afterwards the gentle down-ride in a spiraling slide around the tower is real fun. The origin attraction for the bystanders, however, are the more or less elegant attempts of the passengers to jump on and cope with the conveyor belt.

Strangely enough, unlike an escalator, the handrail does not move, and those who cling there inevitably fall over to the audience's fun. The fun increases, when women in Dirndl try their luck, then and now the male part in the audience tried to catch a glimpse of the legs.

If somebody likes it softer, doesnt dare or is too small, gets help and reach out to one of the employees, who then pull you up quite confidently.

Some of the toboggan-visiting ladies could of course come up by themselves, but still prefer the male assistance.

This is unchanged until today at the "Wiesn". The nostalgic toboggan attracts young and old for 86 years at the Oktoberfest in 2019 and is unaltered very popular and traditional reminiscence of the good old times.Frequent customers might gain a Toboggan loyalty card. You will receive them at the toboggan box office. Simply stamp on the cash desk. Receive a loyalty point for every trip! Having collected 10 loyalty points, you will receive a free ride!

As always, you will find the Toboggan at the Oktoberfest 2019 in the Matthias Pschorr Str. Exit Esperantoplatz

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