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Trachten jeans knee-length blue Gustl 009765

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?Trachten Rebell trachten jeans knee-length blue Gustl Men jeans in lederhosenlook ... more

Das solltest du wissen über "Trachten jeans knee-length blue Gustl 009765"

?Trachten Rebell trachten jeans knee-length blue Gustl
  • Men jeans in lederhosenlook 
  • Cream embroideries on bib, leg and knife pouch 
  • Legs withlacing 
  • Buttons in staghorn look 
  • Two front pockets, one backpocket 
  • Typical "Brotzeiteck" for width adjustment (triangle on the back)
  • Thewashable jeans is an alternative for a lederhose! 

Eigenschaften ansehen more
properties "Trachten jeans knee-length blue Gustl 009765"
Material: Baumwolle
Farbe: blau , dunkelblau, hellblau
Art: Trachtenhose
Gürtel: ohne Gürtel
Hosenträger: ohne Träger
Marke: Trachten Rebell
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