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Midi dirndl 65cm red olive Valerie - limited

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  • MOT004694
?Lieblingsgwand midi dirndl red olive Valerie - limited Our limited vintage... more

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?Lieblingsgwand midi dirndl red olive Valerie - limited

Our limited vintage dirndl`Valerie´with a length of 65cm is perfect for many different occasions due to the traditional cutand the classic colours. With or without dirndl blouse - you can present this red cotton dress onyour next visit to the Oktoberfest, as wedding guest or at a family party. The classy velvetborders along the V-neck and the skirt hem are small but beautiful details. The silver ball-headedbuttons and the matching apron clasp set nice accents. 
  •     Limited retrodirndl of Lieblingsgwand
  •     Red cotton dress with scatteredblooms 
  •     High-closing cut with stand-up V-neck 
  •    Red velvet borders along the neckline and the skirt hem 
  •     Olivecoloured cotton apron with subtle tendrils 
  •     Old silver apron clasp withfloral embossing 
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